About Me

I’m a retired Canadian engineer, semi-pro photographer (some of my recent photos are on www.photographery.com  ), writer and for a while I was even a part time driving instructor. Scary to teach driving? Nope – most of my students were teens and great people to work with. I loved it.

I have managed major construction projects in Canada, worked as an editor of a national construction magazine, written a weekly column for a daily newspaper, published a consumer magazine and have always had an interest in current affairs and the follies of politics and politicians.

I’ve marveled at how our various countries manage to muddle through, given the “talent” that we elect to lead us (with a few exceptions). So one of my hobbies is to poke fun at our elected servants who take themselves far too seriously and foolishly believe they are our supreme leaders and can do no wrong.

I live in British Columbia, Canada.


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